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Prophecy is a very important part of Northside Community Church's worship experience.  In these latter days, God is raising up voices that speak not only to individuals, but to communities, cities, and even nations.  We believe that according to scripture that God reveals His secrets to the prophets.

Below is a prophetic word that from Chuck Pierce to the state of Ohio.  Church, hear the Word of the Lord.  God Bless.


Word To the State of Ohio

Prophetic Word Released by Chuck Pierce of the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Women's Aglow State Convention over the Ohio Valley Region!.

The Cincinnati Lighthouse board just returned from Aglow's State Convention and we would like to share with you the prophetic word spoken over the Ohio Miami Valley from Chuck Pierce, prophet to the nations from Global Harvest Ministries and the World Prayer Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a very exciting and encouraging word to all of us here in Ohio; PRAISE THE LORD!!!  --Brenda Ihle, President

Prophetic word spoken over Ohio Miami Valley by Chuck Pierce: 
'And I would say to the Ohio Miami Valley, you thought I had even abandoned you, but I would say now I am going to begin to manifest within your place.  I say even now I am going to start awakening; I say there will be a new alignment between men and women of that valley/ area. I would say to you even now there is an awakening going on.  I say even now I am even preparing to bring you into a place of being seen nationally of what I am going to do in your midst. I say even now the enemy is trying to cover over certain things in that area, but I would say even now the veil has been removed and my glory will be seen in your area saith the Lord.

Word declared over Ohio by Mr. Pierce: 'Father we say that even from this meeting this will be a beginning that the cities in Ohio will begin to see their governments change. A new warrior anointing is coming into the state. Where we've not been able to have victory where the enemy has even pushed us back. Father, we say a new anointing for warring is coming upon us so we'll say one word and the enemy will begin to flee. Lord, we say there's a new anointing coming on us to do warfare. And then Lord, we declare there's a new psalmist anointing coming down on the body of Christ; Lord, I say that particularly in women. Lord we say there's an anointing of the psalmist and there's a move of worship about to go across Ohio. And Lord, we declare right now that the apostolic anointing is coming and sweeping across this state and Lord now not only will there be father's in the faith and a fathering anointing arise but we say right now there is a release of the mothering anointing in this state in Jesus' name. Lord, we say mature the mothers. And then Father, we say let the leadership anointing begin to rest right now upon the body of Christ new and fresh. Lord we say sit some leaders down, raise other leaders up. And then finally Lord, we say the anointing to rule and take dominion in the state of Ohio is being released and we say our enemies will be subdued under our feet in the Name of Jesus.

"With God all things are possible!"
- Ohio's official state motto



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